Top 5 Camera Apps For Android 2023


Hello guys! in this post, i am going to explain you about top 5 camera applications for your android smartphone. so just read all reviews below and find your best one app for your device.

Top 5 Camera Apps For Android

They Are:

  1. Beauty CameraX
  2. HedgeCam 2
  3. Open Camera
  4. ProCam X – Lite
  5. HD Camera for Android

1. Beauty CameraX

CameraX is the best free camera app for Android users. It is a powerful photography app that has many features and modes, including manual mode, slow motion video, timelapse and panorama.

Beauty CameraX Features

  • Auto face detection mode
  • Ultra HD Support upto 4K
  • Silence capture mode
  • Take selfy with volume key
  • Apply date, time, location watermark
  • Mirror Camera
  • Timer Camera
  • Fast burst shot features
  • 50+ Filters
  • 200+ funny stickers
  • Photo Editor

2. HedgeCam 2

Hedgecam 2 is a Hd camera that can be Captures photos in next level. The camera has a 180-degree viewing angle and night vision. and also had a great features to give perfect look for your selfies and photos.

HedgeCam 2 Features

  • Face detection support
  • HDR & DRO
  • Silent capture ability
  • Display angle of device
  • Automatic image alignment
  • Widget enabled
  • Focus bracketing mode
  • Manual ISO

3. Open Camera

Open Camera is an open sourcing camera app for android smartphone devices. It is a feature-rich app with a simple user interface.

The app can be used as a replacement for the default camera app on android devices, and offers many features that are not available in the default camera app.

Open Camera Features

  • Auto-level features
  • Selfy with screen flash
  • Color effects & white balance
  • Timer with voice countdown
  • Take Selfy with “cheese” command
  • Grids & crop guidelines
  • GPS location tagging option
  • Apply date and time stamp
  • HDR Support
  • Low light night mode
  • Dynamic range optimisation mode
  • Focus bracketing mode

4. ProCam X – Lite

ProCam X is a new photography app for android phones. It is a complete photo editing app that provides users with all the tools they need to edit their photos and make them look professional.

The ProCam X app designed to make it easier for photographers of all levels. The interface is easy to use and has many features like live filters, camera modes, and more.

ProCam X – Lite Features

  • Realtime filters & color effects
  • Burst Shooting option
  • Manual ISO
  • Geo targeting
  • Manual focus
  • Anti-shake
  • White balance controller
  • Manual shutter speed
  • Custom video bit rat setting

5. HD Camera for Android

HD Camera for Android is a free camera app with powerful features such as time lapse, slow motion, and 4k video recording. For a more professional look, you can use filters to adjust the colors of your photos.

HD Camera For Android features

  • Pinch to zoom
  • smart panaroma shooting
  • Countdown timer
  • Exposure
  • Photo collage option
  • Location targeting
  • Dynamic user interface
  • Picture quality settings
  • Photo crop & editing
  • Screen mode settings
  • Configurable volume keys
  • Wide screen pictures


Above are the top 5 best camera’s for your smartphone to take and edit your photos to the next level. thanks for reading this articles. also visit our website regularly for more content like this.