Avee player template free download for android


Hey guys! today in this post, I am going to give you lots of categories of free avee player templates to download for your avee player app. just download and enjoy.

What Is Avee Player Templates?

Avee player templates are visualizer effect formats for avee music player application. by using these templates you can create videos in avee player app. so just follow the below steps to download free avee player templates.

How To Use Avee Player Templates?

1. First of all you need to download avee player pro mod apk.

Click here to see – how to download avee player pro apk ( your avee player pro apk article link )

2. Now open the avee player app and play any song from your library.

3. Now if you want to see visualizer effects to your currently playing song / MP3. click on the visualizer option, now there you will see visualizing effects.

4. To change avee templates click on the available box icons and then select available visualizer templates.

5. If you want to add your own downloaded avee templates, you can import them by clicking on the “load from file” option, and then select the visualizer template file.

6. This is the process to use your own templates in avee player.

Avee Player Formats Details

Avee player templates are only available in ( .viz and .json ) formats only. no other formats are working in avee player. if you download ( .zip ) format from the internet, you need to unzip those files using any zip application which you can download free from play store.

Most Used Sizes Of Avee Templates

Full Screen Size Templates – 1080 x 1920

Portrait Size Templates – 1080 x 1350

Square Size Templates – 1000 x 1000

Landscape Size Templates – 1920 x 1080

Download Free Avee Player Templates

1. Instagram Size Templates

You can download below, Instagram size avee templates for free.

2. Square Size Avee Templates

You can download square-size avee player templates from below.

3. Portrait Size Avee Templates

You can download portrait size avee player templates which is available below.

4. Instagram Size Avee Templates

Download Instagram size avee player templates from below.

5. Landscape Size

download landscape size avee player templates from below.

6. Full-Screen Size Avee Templates

Download full-screen size avee player templates just from below.

Download Category Wize Avee Player Templates

1. Love Avee Templates

2. DJ Avee Templates

3. Chatrapati Sivaji Avee Templates

4. PUBG Avee templates

5. FreeFire Avee Templates

6. Sad Avee Player Templates

7. Love Failure Avee Templates


Just download the above Avee player templates and create awesome videos and impress your friends and besties. thanks for reading this article. please visit our website every day for more avee player templates like this.